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13 February 2014
In a case which has significant implications for design filing strategies, the US Federal Circuit confirmed that the principle of prosecution history estoppel applies to design patents.
11 February 2014
On 13 December 2013, the New Zealand Government released a discussion document regarding a range of proposed changes to New Zealand’s patent system. One part of the discussion document concerns the proposed Single Application Process (SAP) for Australia and New Zealand and seeks views of stakeholders.
28 January 2014
Ordinarily, a public disclosure of an invention prior to a patent application being filed would count against the patent application because the prior disclosure would mean the invention is not novel at the time of filing. Some jurisdictions, however, implement a “grace period” which is a period of time, before a patent application for an invention is filed, in which the invention could be publically disclosed by the applicant without its novelty being lost.
22 November 2013
The Innovation Act is an attempt to deal with perceived abuses of the patent system in the US. It is designed to discourage frivolous and abusive patent litigation. The bill was introduced in October and has bipartisan support.

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